The Center is member to four networks and one coalition, as listed below:

  • The Network against Gender Violence and Trafficking composed of five non-profit organizations, with the mission of strengthening the women role through offering services to the violated women and women that have no sufficient revenues.

  • The Free Legal Service Network composed of 5 organizations that offer free legal services for various population strata, each dealing with a special category, avoiding overlapping.

  • Civil Society Anti-corruption Network, this network is a massive union of the country NGOs for actions against corruption, in the public as well as in the private sector.

  • The Human Rights Network, which brings together seven NGOs monitoring implementation of the human rights.

  • The "National Women Council" Coalition, which is a wide grouping of women movement, with 38 women organizations, lobbied to promote gender equality and women rights.

  • The Human Rights Balkan Network, attended by 48 organizations from the Balkan countries, Albania, Kosova, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Croatia, which focus is dealing with human rights.


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