Report “On the activity of the Center for Legal Civic Initiatives” 2020-2022


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Civil society organizations in preventing and countering violent extremism in the western Balkans


This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union, the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.

Civil society in prevention and countering of violent extremism in Albania


This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union.

"Report on knowledge and implementation of the gender equality standards in court decisions"


This Report analyzes the main findings from monitoring the judicial practice in the District Courts of Tirana, Durresi, Shkodra and Vlora, for the period: January 1, 2011- June 1, 2012.

A study of the economic costs for the implementation of the Albanian legislation against domestic violence


This study has been prepared by the Centre for Legal Civic Initiatives with the financial and technical support of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) in Albania in view of the 2012-2016 Co-operation Programme between the Government of Albania and the United Nations. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) also has given a special technical contribution.  ...

The Law: Possibility of development for women professional legal magazine"


The legal professional magazine "The Law Possibility of Development for Women", no. 1(18), March 2008, is in particular dedicated to the issues of law and justice that are closely related to the problems of trafficking of human beings, domestic violence and other gender related aspects. This magazine offers possibilities to the justice staff and bodies to get acquainted with the best practices of international courts and of the most developed countries case law on these issues  ...

Justice bodies in the fight against corruption


This report is an outcome of the monitoring wok and is prepared in the framework of the implementation of the project "Increasing access and trust of nationals in the Justice bodies via an effective implementation of the Albanian legislation as the most important instrument in fighting corruption". The monitoring process identified practices followed by the Prosecution Office and the Courts of the Districts of Tirana, Shkodra and Vlora in judging and attacking criminal offences related to corruption in 2004-2006.

"Monitoring of judgments of the judicial district courts of Tirana, Shkodra and Vlora for 2001-2003, in issues related to human trafficking"


Publication in Albanian and in English

Tirana, 2005 

This publication reflects all the analysis and conclusions achieved from monitoring of the Albanian legislation and of the decisions of the courts of Tirana, Shkodra and Vlora for 2001-2003, in issues related to trafficking of human beings. The conclusions and recommendations of the work group underwent a detained discussion by a wide auditorium and were afterwards published.

Three-monthly magazine "The Law Development possibility for women"


This publication enabled the issuance in Albanian and in English of parts from the alternative report "Status of violence in Albania", submitted to the United Nations Committee Against Torture, Geneva, May 2005. The topics of articles published in this magazine are varied and serve for the recognition of international conventions on women, and of the institutions established by law.

"Legal and Social Speeches on Protection of Domestic Violence"

This publication was realized by the legal magazine ?The Law: Possibilities of development for women?, a publication of the WAC and the legal and scientific magazine ?The Legal Life?, a publication of WAC and the legal and scientific magazine ?Legal Life?, published from the School of Magistrates, funded by UNICEF in the framework of a project, entitled "Training of justice system professionals on domestic violence issues"

A leaflet


This leaflet aims at building the level of community knowledge on the legal measures offered by the Law no 9669, dated 18.12.2006,  "On measures against domestic violence".






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